When I started Langley Dog Walker, I considered it my ‘soul project’. I was working part time and wanted to fill the extra days with work that I considered more meaningful for my soul; dog walking. I’ve always loved animals, growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian, however by about Grade 10 when I saw the sciences involved, and the amount of years of school, that dream quickly died. So I chose my other passion, graphic design. I’ve had a successful career, not only in graphic design, but what I consider ‘creative problem solving”. My career path has wound around many routes, from training designers, to developing process, to building intranets from concept to completion for various clients and employers.

But the dogs are still calling to my heart. After going back full time last year to fill in as maternity leave coverage, I now find myself back on my own, and am making a concerted effort to keep both of my passions open, dog walking and designing. So I’ll be freelancing and fitting in my love of dogs as much as I can. I’ve always been a very organized person and I hope to be able to combine the two, getting outside for walks is a great way to recharge the creative spirit, so I hope to meet your pup and book a walk soon!