PART 1: I had the chance to take part in an amazing opportunity in July to travel to India. The purpose of my travel was to be a flight buddy to a street dog who was rescued and needed to be brought to Seattle as the USA will be his new home.

How did this come about? Well 4 years ago I decided to foster 2 little rescue dogs from India. Of course, I fell in love with them both, and decided to keep one, my beloved dog Kira.

Shiloh and Kira – Rescue pups I fostered in 2015

The original person in India who had rescued them is an amazing human being; Mini Kapoor Seth. She runs a street feeding program for local street dogs in Delhi. Every day, she prepares and distributes around 15 meals for the dogs in her area morning and night. Not only does Mini volunteer her time, but she also spends her own personal money on this effort. And she’s been doing this for well over 6 years.

I met Mini through the local rescue who worked with her to bring the pups over to Canada. We became friends on Facebook and exchanged words every once and awhile, through our mutual love of these dogs.

In 2017, Mini decided to come to Canada to visit some of the dog she’s rescued. Many have settled in the Pacific Northwest, and she had arranged to spend 1-2 nights with many of us. Mini came and stayed at our house one night, and the following day, I took her down to the Seattle area to visit another rescue. It was a great visit, and I’m sure a wonderful experience for Mini to see the fruits of her good work, with so many happy Desi Dogs settled over here in Canada and the US.

Flash forward 2 years and Mini contacted me in June 2019. A rescue was in desperate need to get a pup over to Seattle. This special little dog Oskar Fatik Anna had been severely injured as a pup, but his amazing care giver Shikha Pandey had nursed him back to health and cared for him for the past year. However she could not continue to care for him as she was moving to a different part of the country and it would not be possible to take him. Through the Anubis-Tiger Foundation, a foster had been found for him in the United States, with excellent chance of this bright little soul to be adopted out there. But little Oskar needed to travel before the end of July. The foundation needed a flight buddy – and quick!

Oskar Fatik Anna – the amazing little Desi with such joy in his heart

Of course I jumped on the opportunity to visit India, a life long bucket list item, AND help a cause near and dear to my heart.

STAY TUNED for more on this story later this week!

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